3rd International Symposium on High Temperature by Tao Jiang,Jiann-Yang Hwang,Patrick Masset, et al.John Wiley

By Tao Jiang,Jiann-Yang Hwang,Patrick Masset, et al.John Wiley & Sons, Inc.|Wiley||Wiley-TMSAdult NonfictionTechnologyLanguage(s): EnglishOn sale date: 02.08.2012Street date: 09.05.2012Preview

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The holes perforating the ring had a diameter of 35 mm, giving a total opening area of each ring of 0,096 m2. Each set of ring consist of one inner fixed ring one outer adjustable ring. The distance between the two set of rings were 500 mm. The hood was also provided with two stoking gates and two gates for charging raw materials into the furnace. Figure 3: Details of the off gas hood. Furnace Operation A critical factor to succeed the furnace operation in this scale, is a proper bottom lining.

2010FJ1011) forfinancialsupport of this research. 31 References 1. S. 2. W. Y. Cheng, "Manganese metallurgy, recovery and control - a literature review. Part I: Manganese Metallurgy, " CSIRO Minerals, Australia, 89(2006), 137-159. 3. Ring Kononov, Oleg Ostrovskl, and Samir Ganguly, "Carbothermal Solid State Reduction of Manganese Ores," Phase Development, ISIJ International, 49 (8)(2009), 1115-1122. 4. J. Welham, "Activation of the carbothermic reduction of manganese ore," Int. J. Miner. Process, 67(2002), 187-198.

Two different mortars are used. A phosphor bonded alumina/chromium-oxide mortar with very high strength and adherence for connecting the plates and nozzles to each other. For putting the inner nozzle into the well block a SiC mortar is in use. With this mortar the cleaning of the well block surface after removing the worn out inner nozzle is easier and can be done without damaging the well block. Industrial Application The slide gate system is installed onto anode furnaces or rotary holding furnaces (Figure 3 and 4) to upgrade a standard tap hole.

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