357th Fighter Group by James Roeder

By James Roeder

Shaped in California in Dec of '42 and outfitted with P-39s. multiple 12 months later, the crowd was once thrown into strive against flying P-51 Mustangs opposed to the Luftwaffe. The heritage & wrestle operations from its formation to the tip of the conflict in Europe. Over a hundred and forty pictures, eight pages colour profiles, sixty four pages.

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89 113-134. , for finitely generated 18 (1967), 23-41. Kleinian groups, J. 47 [5] L. Bets, Automorphic generated [6] I. Kra, (1972). forms Fuchsian groups, Automorphic Forms and Poincar6 Amer. series for infinitely J. A. 196-214. Benjamin 4. DEFORMATION SPACES* Irwin Kra SUNY at Stony Brook Let G be a (rich-elementary) group. finitely generated In this chapter we show how the set ~(G) "marked" Kleinian groups quasiconformally forms a finite dimensional the set ~(G) conformally This deformation completely surfaces (of finite equivalent to G and of Kleinian groups quasi- to G forms a normal complex space.

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