A grammar of Atayal by Der-Hwa Victoria Rau.

By Der-Hwa Victoria Rau.

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Hopkins, Religions of India, p. 184. , p. 76. , p. 501. Hence the name Adonai, read instead of the ineffable Name; from which, by insertion of the vowels of Adonai in the tetragrammaton. we got Jehovah. 2 3 THE POWER OF WORDS 29 In some ways the twentieth century suffers more grievously than any previous age from the ravages of such verbal superstitions. Owing, however, to developments in the methods of communication, and the creation of many special symbolic systems, the form of the disease has altered considerably; and, apart from the peculiar survival of religious apologetic, now takes more insidious forms than of yore.

T n e same author's Kritik der Sprache> Vol. , p. " 2 Ibid... p. 19. See also Appendix A for a discussion of the influence of 8Aristotle on Grammar. De Interpretatione, 16, a. 3. It is worth noting that Andronicus of Rhodes, who edited the first complete edition of Aristotle's works when the Library of Theophrastus was brought to Rome from Athens as part of Sulla's loot, marked this treatise as spurious. Maier's arguments in iis favour have, however, persuaded scholars to accept it as Aristotelian.

There are, indeed, good reasons why what is happening in ourselves should be partially hidden from us, and we are generally better Judges of what other people are doing than of what we are doing ourselves. Before we looked carefully into other people's heads it was commonly believed that an entity called the soul resided therein, just as children commonly believe that there is a little man inside the skull who looks out at the eyes, the windows of the soul, and listens at the ears. The child has the strongest introspective evidence for this belief, which, but for scalpels and microscopes, it would be difficult to disturb.

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