A. I. Maltsevs problem on operations on groups by Ol'shanskii A. Y.

By Ol'shanskii A. Y.

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Abstract Harmonic Analysis: Structure and Analysis, Vol.2

This ebook is a continuation of vol. I (Grundlehren vol. one hundred fifteen, additionally to be had in softcover), and features a exact remedy of a few vital components of harmonic research on compact and in the neighborhood compact abelian teams. From the reports: "This paintings goals at giving a monographic presentation of summary harmonic research, way more entire and complete than any ebook already current at the topic.

Travail, affection et pouvoir dans les groupes restreints (French Edition)

Les groupes restreints ont été et seront au coeur de nos vies pendant toute notre lifestyles et, pourtant, c'est depuis moins d'un siècle que chercheurs et théoriciens se penchent sur les rouages complexes de leur développement. Cet ouvrage suggest un modèle qui consider los angeles présence, dans tout groupe restreint, de trois zones dynamiques, les zones du travail, de l'affection et du pouvoir.

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Understanding the GroupWise Information Store The GroupWise information store consists of messages in post offices and documents in libraries. The GroupWise information store follows a distributed or partitioned model, in which different store files contain different portions of the entire store. This chapter looks at these store files individually. It also details their relationships and considers the information store as a whole, spanning multiple post offices. The objective of this chapter is to help you understand GroupWise architecture well enough to troubleshoot your system effectively.

Giving the Post Office a Home: The Post Office Directory The post office directory is the physical location for the GroupWise post office. A GroupWise post office is a set of files and a directory structure. All GroupWise post offices have the same kind of structure. Specify a path that is no longer than eight characters in length. The path should not contain spaces or periods but should be made up only of letters, numbers, and dashes or underscores. For post offices on the Linux platform, make certain that the name for the directory is indicated in lowercase.

When that user double-clicks the message to open it, the pointer is followed, and the resulting window is populated from the appropriate item record in a message database. The User Database/Message Database Relationship When a GroupWise user sends a message, the complete item record is first written to the sender's message database (which is shared with other users). Next, a pointer is written to the sender's user database. This shows up as a sent item. If the message was sent to a user in the same post office as the sender, the recipient's user database gets a pointer to the same message, which exists in the message database.

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