Alien Dawn: A Classic Investigation into the Contact by Colin Wilson

By Colin Wilson

In this vintage booklet on UFOs, bestselling writer Colin Wilson, a popular authority at the paranormal, examines the facts and develops a definitive conception of the alien touch phenomenon.

Alien Dawn covers Wilson's research into documented facts of wierd and unexplained phenomena, together with UFOs, poltergeists, old folklore, time slips, out-of-body reports, mystical know-how, and psychic go back and forth to different worlds. the outcome: a desirable and encyclopedic learn of the advanced nature of truth. this can be some of the most entire explorations of the topic undertaken, with conclusions bound to surprise the reader, even if believer or skeptic.

Features a brand new advent by way of the writer.

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He said that they swerved in and out of the peaks of the Cascade Mountains with ‘flipping, erratic movements’. He later told a reporter that the objects moved as a saucer would ‘if you skipped it across the water’. The next day the story appeared in newspapers throughout the nation. People all over the US began reporting sightings of ‘flying saucers’, and a US Air Force investigation was initiated; on 4 July, ten days after the sighting, it announced confidently that Arnold had been hallucinating.

Even the helplessness and loss or surrender of control which are, at least initially, forced upon the abductees by the aliens—one of the most traumatic aspects of the experiences—seem to be in some way ‘designed’ to bring about a kind of ego death from which spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness may follow. He goes on to admit: But my focus upon growth and transformation might reflect a bias of mine. The people who choose to come to see me may know of my interest in such aspects of human psychology, and may be aware that I consider my work with abductees to be a co-creative process.

However, if this power was controlled by an extraterrestrial intelligence, we would be faced with one of the most momentous revelations in human history’. So, by way of finding out, Puharich scratched code numbers on the three parts of a Parker pen. Then the pen was placed in the wooden box. Geller held his hand above it for nine minutes. When the box was opened, the pen was apparently intact. But, on closer examination, its brass cartridge had vanished. Later in the day, while Geller was under hypnosis, the metallic voice spoke again, explaining that ‘they’ were in a spacecraft called Spectra, ‘fifty-three thousand sixty-nine light ages away’.

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