Aliens in the Bible by John W. Milor

By John W. Milor

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One awesome aspect about God is that He often uses people’s mistakes, working them toward good. This by no means justifies the mistakes of humanity; rather, it amplifies the amazing nature of God. For instance, God chose the apostle Paul as one of His disciples; someone that was once an enemy of Christians. The Scribes and Pharisees knew that the apostle Paul used to be part of their paradigm, and something powerful had to happen to him in order to change him so radically. He used to be one who diligently persecuted Christians, and something happened to him that miraculously changed him into a man willing to die for Christ’s sake.

I was searching. At that time in my life, I figured I already heard all there was to hear about Christianity, and to be honest, it bored me. I sought out something powerful, and spiritual, and didn’t believe I could find it in Christianity. I had questions that weren’t being answered. The Christians I knew never seemed to be interested in discussing things of a paranormal nature, because all the Christians I knew and listened to basically labeled all of these activities demonic. I always thought there was more to these things; they fascinated me.

2 The earth’s journey through levels of glory: Conclusion: 2. The Old Heaven and Earth - Satan’s ancient kingdom? 1 What does science have to tell us? 2 What does the Bible say about the Exploding Planet Hypothesis? 1 Were there worlds with civilizations before Adam and Eve were created? 2 A modern perspective of the big picture: CHAPTER 10: THE REALMS OF HELL 1. 8 The journey of a lost soul: 2. Propaganda City: PART IV (PHENOMENON) CHAPTER 11: ASTRAL PROJECTION IN THE BIBLE 1. Reaching to the heavens?

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