Alive and Well in Pakistan by Ethan Casey

By Ethan Casey

Casey updates his figuring out of the Pakistan event and units it inside of a context of contemporary and modern heritage. He humanises family politics, attitudes in the direction of the West and India in addition to the Kashmir and Afghanistan matters. His literary reportage demystifies the uneasy position Pakistan occupies in an doubtful international.

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I was lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin,” and to admit his mistake and 42 Pakistan Book 21/7/04 5:52 pm Page 43 VESTIGES AND RUINS then lead the main thrust of the antiwar movement. Slowly the idea was forming in me, as a contrarian, that it made no sense. If you hear something a hundred times, you’re inclined to believe it. If you hear it a thousand times you begin to wonder: am I mad, or is the rest of the world crazy? ’ Having talked ‘intensively to over 200 people from colonels to privates, journalists and businessmen, Vietnamese, and English and French colonials’ in Saigon, Ed asserted in the letter that it was ‘vitally incumbent that we speak and speak with sincerity’ to the Vietnamese: I question both our original involvement and the deepening of our commitment … I am very frightened.

I belonged to Jamaat-i-Islami of J & K. When India became independent from British, there was some status disputed. In disputed status was Kashmir also. According to UN resolution and leaders of India, they promised to people that we will give independence to Kashmir. ’ 32 Pakistan Book 21/7/04 5:52 pm Page 33 VESTIGES AND RUINS I asked if he would be satisfied with elections. ‘We have had many elections, from 1972 to 1986,’ he said. I asked what, precisely, he was fighting for. ‘We want here Islamic regime based on principles of Quran, which alone can lead mankind to happiness and prosperity,’ he said.

Medical and vegetable,’ interjected Haji helpfully. Nazir had no plans to leave the Valley. The family’s savings were gone. The medical shop made only three or four thousand rupees a day. Aziz walked Haji and me to the end of the wooden pier at the front of the hotel, where our shikara was waiting. ‘Not anywhere road,’ he observed. ’ He gestured happily at the tall, copiously blooming rosebushes that flanked the path. ‘No work,’ he said, beaming. ’ He was justly proud: in Kashmir in spring and summer, the roses’ abundance and beauty were amazing.

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