Aluminum structural member component weight as a function of by C. Svoboda

By C. Svoboda

Airplane layout 2 (1999) 231 - 237

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The second date is February 28th, 1991, the day President Bush ordered a cease-fire. The war had been won, quickly and decisively, and our forces had sustained minimal casualties. Our people had performed magnificently, demonstrating superb professional competence, discipline, and leadership. The results surpassed even my own expectations. While the entire world marveled at the total domination by our air forces, and the demonstrated effectiveness of “smart” bombs and stealth technology, the essential role of modern land-based airpower had been established.

Tactical and strategic aircraft drop metal objects filled with high explosives to destroy targets. The technology is much improved over what it once was, but it will never be surgically precise. Yes, the qualitative improvement over the past fifty years is astounding, but no, it isn’t magical. All the same, you would be wise not to make yourself the object of the deadly attention of American warplanes. The newest revolution—also American in origin—is stealth. When researching Red Storm Rising, I traveled to what was then the headquarters of the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in the Virginia Tidewater.

Then the designers increased the rotational speed of the compressor. With the compressor stages spinning around faster, more work is done on the air, and this again means a greater pressure increase. This is better. The bypass duct was relatively easy to incorporate into an engine design, but unfortunately, a faster spinning compressor proved to be far more difficult. There were three major problems:1. Getting more work out of the turbine so that it could drive the compressor at higher speeds. 2.

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