An Introduction to Old Norse (2nd Edition) by E. V. Gordon, A. R. Taylor

By E. V. Gordon, A. R. Taylor

The 1st version of this regular paintings was once released in 1927 and has been reprinted numerous occasions. This moment variation has been revised and reset and the saga Hrafnkels saga freysgooa is now incorporated in its entirety. The paintings is now to be had for the 1st time in paperback.



"This is a superlative textbook for the educating of previous Icelandic (language and literature)."--R. Mark Scowscroft, Catholic college of America

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Soang’s fishing hook’ (81) a-mo étué PCF-2p time ‘your time; the time for you to do something’ All other nouns take the inedible classifier le-. This includes the words for objects not related to food production and consumption, as well as abstract nouns. The following six kinship terms and two body parts also take this classifier. achung héi mélei paen sépé tété ~ té uol ‘uncle of same clan (mother’s brother)’ ‘wife’ ‘sister-in-law’ ‘cousin’ ‘fin (of dolphin or shark)’ ‘grandparent; grandchild’ ‘uncle of opposite clan (wife’s mother’s brother)’ 46 ut ‘testicles’ (82) le-mo kileng PC-2p place ‘your place’ (83) le-k té PC-1s grandparent/grandchild ‘my grandfather’ (84) Stephen ne-na aka PC-3s canoe S.

Stephen’s canoe’ (85) re-ria poi-nga PC-3p do-NOM ‘their custom’ (86) imém lé-mém kaone 1pe PC-1pe dog ‘our dog’ Some nouns may take either possessive classifier depending on the manner in which they are possessed. In such cases le- signals a normal possessive relationship; the use of a- on the other hand indicates edible possession, or what could be called ‘passive possession’. (87) a. lé-mém pareo PC-1pe chicken ‘our chicken’ (that we look after) b. é-mém pareo PCF-1pe chicken ‘our chicken’ (that we eat) (88) a.

In addition to independent pronouns, the language also has pronominal affixes. 1. 1. PRONOMINAL SETS sg pl Independent Subject prefix Possessive suffix 1 iau e- -k 2 iong o- -m 3 i Ø -na 1 ex imém mo- -mém 1 in ita ta- -ra 2 imo a- -mo 3 iri te- -ria The independent pronouns may function as subjects, objects and objects of prepositions. The subject prefix is required on all verbs. 7). 6). 1 Personal, common, alienable and inalienable nouns Lote uses two systems to classify nouns. Firstly, personal nouns are distinguished from common nouns through the prepositional system.

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