An Outline of Esoteric Science by Rudolf Steiner

By Rudolf Steiner

This fresh translation of a masterwork of esotericism locations humankind on the very center of the mammoth, invisible methods of cosmic evolution. once we use the time period ordinary technology do not we suggest that we're facing wisdom of nature?

Esoteric technology is the technology of what happens esoterically, within the feel that it truly is perceived no longer outdoors in nature yet the place one's soul turns while it directs its internal being towards the spirit. Esoteric technology is the other and counterpart of typical technological know-how. —Rudolf Steiner

As important and suitable as while it used to be first released in 1910, this masterpiece of esoteric, Rudolf Steiner labored and remodeled on rosicrucian cosmology for a few years to make it more and more designated and actual. This paintings is still the simplest presentation thus far of a religious replacement to modern materialist cosmologies and the Darwinian view of human nature and evolution.

In this easy paintings of religious technology, readers find out how the construction and evolution of humanity is embedded on the middle of the immense, invisible internet of interacting cosmic beings, via whom the alchemical strategies of cosmic evolution spread. There also are descriptions of a few of the our bodies of the person, their dating to sleep and loss of life, and a close, useful consultant to the tools or workouts, together with the Rose go Meditation,'' in which such initiation wisdom may be attained.

Most amazing and innovative of all, possibly, is the critical functionality that Rudolf Steiner allots to the Christ and to the doorway of Christ into earthly evolution in the course of the secret of Golgotha.

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In what fills the consciousness soul, this hidden element steps unveiled into the innermost temple of the soul where it appears as only a drop in the sea of all-pervading spirituality. Here, however, we must first take hold of this spirituality. We must recognize it in ourselves so that we are then also able to find it in its manifestations. What makes its way like a drop into the consciousness soul is called the spirit by esoteric science. In this way the consciousness soul is united with the spirit, which is the hidden element in everything manifest.

This is the beautiful fruit of spiritual scientific knowledge—rather than merely gratifying our passion for knowledge, it gives our life strength and steadfastness. It draws strength for work and confidence in life from an inexhaustible source. No one who has ever truly approached this source and returns repeatedly to take refuge there will ever go away unstrengthened. There are people who do not want to know anything about such knowledge because they see something unhealthy in what has just been said.

Hunger sets in when its recurrent causes make themselves felt in the being in question, which then attacks its food with gusto simply because these recurrent causes are present. The feeling of I does not appear when recurrent causes of hunger drive us to seek food; it appears when, in addition to this, we retain an awareness of our pleasure on a previous occasion when our hunger was satisfied, so that our desire for food is driven by past experience, as well as by our current experience of hunger.

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