Another Door Opens by Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

By Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

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The time it’s hardest to control my emotions is when I’m dealing with a child who has passed, because I’m a parent myself, or when I have a close connection with the person I’m trying to help. When that happens, I just have to take a step back and do what I call a separation of church and state. That can be difficult, but it’s something I know I need to do if I’m going to be effective. I remember, for example, when my wife’s grandfather was in a coma after suffering a cranial bleed. At the same time, her grandmother felt so guilty about not hearing him and being there to call an ambulance that she suffered a heart attack and was also in the hospital.

As a way of understanding this, we can look at certain public figures and see that some of them “got it” pretty quickly while others had to almost self-destruct before they got on the right path. Bill Gates, for example, was so clear about what he knew he should be doing that he dropped out of college to start what would become the multibillion-dollar Microsoft empire that has effectively revolutionized the whole concept of global communication. But then we can look at someone like Darryl Strawberry, an extraordinarily gifted athlete who wound up following such a self-destructive path that he almost died twice — once from addiction and once from colon cancer — before he was able to turn his life around.

And, conversely, how can you believe in the concept of heaven and not accept the existence of a spirit world? To me the higher power is a voice in my head directing me. People sometimes ask me how I can trust the source of that inner voice, and all I can say is it’s so distinct that I know it’s coming from somewhere beyond my own ego. As I explained in the note to my readers at the beginning of this book, I have been exposed to a variety of faiths, and my way of experiencing a connection with the higher power is very personal, as it is for everyone.

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